If you're fully hooked at this point and wish to read about our children (and grandchildren), you'll find that chapter of our story HERE.

That rounds out the basics of us as a family, and we thank you for wanting to get to know us.

Love Story




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If you liked reading our love story, you might want to continue following the story as it led into our marriage. Ours hasn't been an easy path, but we've faced it all together, and that has made all the difference. Check out our Marriage story HERE, and feel free to leave us feedback in the comments section.

Everyone likes a beautiful love story, but it seems few truly believe such relationships still exist. I know personally that they do, because I have lived one since I was fifteen. I invite you to read our love story HERE, and would love it if you would be so kind as to leave a comment to let me know your thoughts.

We share our story not to put ourselves on any kind of pedestal but to offer hope that true love can be a treasure that lasts a lifetime. We are always happy to share with others how God has built and grown our story.